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SPE Motorsport 2011+ 6.7L Powerstroke Death Stalker Compound Turbo Kit

SPE 2011+ 6.7L Powerstroke Death Stalker Compound Turbo Kit


The SPE Motorsport Death Stalker Compound Turbo System is a modular add-on designed to seamlessly integrate with our Emperor Turbo Kits. This innovative system is specifically engineered to work in conjunction with our Emperor non-VGT turbochargers. Creating a perfect ratio between the high-pressure and atmospheric turbos.

Modular Design for Enhanced Performance:The Death Stalker is designed to build upon the Emperor's foundation. This modularity means you can start with the Emperor kit and later enhance your setup with the Death Stalker, ensuring a pathway for future upgrades and increased performance.

Optimized for Superior Turbo Efficiency: By prioritizing exhaust/tubing sizing and heat transfer efficiency, the Death Stalker system maximizes the responsiveness and power output of your turbo setup. Shorter distances to the turbo coupled with optimal heat retention ensure quicker spool times and a more efficient turbo operation.

Hand-made Tig Welded Construction: Crafted from high-quality 304 Stainless steel and 6061 T6 Aluminum tubing. The Death Stalker system offers superior durability and performance over other industry options. This material choice ensures resilience against extreme conditions. 

Flexible Turbocharger Options: The SPE turbochargers for the Death Stalker system cater to diverse power goals and driving requirements. The turbos come in two sizes 76/96 and 80/96 available in journal or ball bearing. The Atmospheric turbocharger design includes the larger 96mm S400 style turbine with a 1.31 AR V band inlet and outlet. Packaging a larger turbine in this manner has never done before for the 6.7 platform. Allowing the customer to retain full-size batteries and no need to ditch or go to a smaller version. Nothing gets cut and nothing rubs. 

Optimized Drivability for Everyday, Drag Racing, and Towing:The SPE Motorsport Death Stalker Compound Turbo System is an excellent add-on to the Emperor Turbo Kit, it is engineered to excel in a variety of scenarios - from daily cruising and drag racing to heavy-duty towing. This system provides a remarkable balance of power and responsiveness, ensuring smooth and efficient performance. Importantly, it also excels in towing applications, offering the response and power needed for hauling heavy loads without sacrificing drivability. Whether it's a leisurely drive,  a competitive run on the track, or towing a trailer, the Death Stalker system ensures your vehicle performs at its best in every situation.

Kit Includes:

  • Atmospheric turbo
  • 304 Stainless tig welded hot side piping including a downpipe that extends to the¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†underside of the vehicle
  • Aluminum charge pipe
  • Chromoly powder coated turbo mount¬†
  • Oil feed and return hoses
  • SPE Lower Oil Pan (if optioned)
  • Heat wrap
  • Silicone turbo inlet elbow and intermediate coupler
  • Billet calibrated mass air flow housing
  • Air filter
  • V-bands and T-bolt clamps
  • Hardware (bolts)

  • Comprehensive Customer Support:Our team at SPE Motorsport is dedicated to guiding you through selecting and integrating the Death Stalker system with your Emperor kit. We provide expert advice to ensure your investment aligns perfectly with your performance goals and vehicle setup.

    Discover the potential of your diesel engine with the SPE Motorsport Death Stalker Compound Turbo System. It's more than just an upgrade; it's a transformation that takes your vehicle's performance to new heights. All made right here in the USA!!!