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SPE Motorsport 2023+ Raptor R Adjustable Auxiliary Idler

SPE 2023+ Raptor R Adjustable Auxiliary Idler

The SPE 2023+ Raptor R Adjustable Auxiliary Idler consists of a precision CNC machined billet aluminum bracket and extreme duty double ball bearing idler pulley anodized black. Adjuster components & hardware are made of billet 304 stainless.

The adjustable auxiliary idler bolts to existing bolt bosses on the vehicle's supercharger snout and locates the pulley just to the left of the supercharger pulley, maximizing belt wrap and eliminating slippage. It is designed to work in conjunction with the SPE 2023+ Raptor R Blower Pulley System & is perfect to pair with 2.6” and smaller blower pulley. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary.

The Adjustable Aux Idler allows you to get the perfect amount of wrap with varying belt lengths and/or pulley sizes. The idler assembly ships fully assembled with the required fasteners and illustrated installation instructions.


  • CNC Billet aluminum bracket
  • CNC Billet Stainless hardware and adjuster parts
  • Billet Aluminum Idler pulley
  • Nachi dual high speed bearings
  • 270+ degree belt wrap capable
  • Helps eliminate belt slip
  • Simple installation
  • No modifications necessary