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SPE Motorsport 2017+ 6.7L Powerstroke Fuel Filter System

2017+ 6.7L Powerstroke Fuel Filter System

Yes, this is a completely new fuel filtration system for your truck. It replaces both factory fuel filters. The system relocates both filters under the truck directly next to each other where they belong. No more fuel mess on top of the engine when changing the top filter. Now, it's underneath. 

The SPE team designed the setup around some of the best filters on the market all while keeping them in the location of the factory lower fuel filter (DFCM). SPE utilizes CAT 256-8753 for the water and fuel separator filter. This filter has the same 10-micron rating as the factory filter but out-flows the factory unit by over 150 gallons per hour while still being efficient.

When your factory filtration system trips the water and fuel sensor light on the dash it's usually too late because it has already made its way into the water separator and possibly further. SPE has tried to remedy this by developing a pre-chamber that the factory sensor goes in prior to the water and fuel separator filter. This pre-chamber gives the system a better chance of tripping the "water in fuel" light before it even hits the main water separator filter. There's an additional drain valve on the pre-chamber, as well, for service.

For the main filter side, SPE uses the CAT 1R0749 as the fuel filter which is 2 microns as opposed to the 4-micron factory filter, adding 3 times more filter area/volume and flow. The filter sizing and type were determined not only by filtration but also efficiency at high volumes of fuel flow for performance applications. This is something that should not be overlooked when your truck is making extra power. Now that the top filter is under the truck SPE provides a Fuel manifold to go in place of the stock filter. Utilizes all the factory lines and connections. Zero cutting or modifying. The manifold also adds auxiliary fuel ports. Not to mention it cleans up the top of the engine and makes it look and function better.

Finally, there is no need to change your top filter to one for a 3-cylinder diesel garden tractor like some of the other aftermarket kits utilize. There's also no need to bother with junky adapters or mounting brackets for universal filter heads. Why go through all that for a less-than-comparable factory filter in size, filtration, and flow?

The SPE 17+ 6.7 Powerstroke Fuel Filter System bolts in the factory location while providing double the efficiency and performance, all while requiring zero cutting to install. This system can be installed without dropping the tank. Give your truck the best filtration on the market!

The 1R0749 filters are 98% efficient at 2 microns. Giving it a 2-micron absolute rating, the Ford top filter is rated 4 microns and only 5 microns absolute.

Features and Benefits:

  • Billet aluminum black anodized
  • Water separator pre-chamber¬†
  • Uses factory water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor¬†
  • Utilizes all factory connections
  • Utilizes factory lower filter mount
  • Moves both fuel filters under the truck
  • The upper fuel filter is replaced with a manifold
  • Extends service¬†intervals
  • Designed to mount in the same location as the factory water separator box

** Available for short and long-bed trucks.


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