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SPE 6.7L Powerstroke Billet Oil Pump Gear

6.7L Powerstroke Billet Oil Pump Gear
Designed to replace the factory gear where 800+hp applications can cause stretching and/or failure


  • 100% made in Americayou’re supporting the American working man
  • Precision machined with 4140 hardened steel— Providing increased reliability & strength
  • Cross-hatched face— provides oil pocketing for increased lubricity
  • Tested & installed in high horsepower application— WE find the weak points so you don’t have to!
  • Eliminate the possibility of breaking or stretching at higher horsepower levels— We already know this happens with the OEM gear.
  • Great for abusive situations such as sled pulling & drag racing— capable of handling whatever power level you put it up against.

The 6.7L Powerstroke Billet Oil Pump gear has been rigorously tested in both our UCC truck as well as our dragster and under the most abusive situations. After running a factory gear for a full season, we spec’ed it out and found the inner gear to be stretched/out of round approximately 0.020 which would ultimately lead to failure and breakage. The outer gear, housed in the front cover, was left unscathed. The SPE Billet Oil Pump Gear was machined from 4140 hardened steel thus providing increased reliability and strength. During the machining process, our engineers added a hatched face to the front of the gear providing increased surface area and pockets for oil to collect resulting in increased lubricity.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing before they are released to the market. It is our mission to find the flaws, weak points, and underperforming components so our customers don’t have to!