SPE 6.7L Powerstroke Cold Side Pipe



SPE has taken the 6.7L Powerstroke cold side pipe to the next level. SPE based the design off of the FACTORY 2017+ 6.7 cold side intercooler pipe. Mainly, we wanted to give the customer more options and a better quality product over the factory unit. The main change is obviously material selection. The throttle body is now billet aluminum instead of the factory composite. We also went to a 5 ply silicone based hose rather than the factory rubber. Another major change to the hose is the increase in diameter going up to 3” from the factory 2.5” (on the 17+ models). Taking feedback from customers and install shops, we found a need for injectable and reference ports. By adding these this allows the customer to install water/methanol injection nozzles, boost reference (for example a gauge), or nitrous all while not having to drill anything on the truck. The port angles are also the optimal angle for injectables.

The best part is, it can be put on a stock truck with no tuning required!

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