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SPE Motorsport 2020-2022 GT500 Stage-2 Forged Carbon Fiber Intake

SPE 2020-2022 GT500 Stage-2 Forged Carbon Fiber Intake

The GT500's lungs are plagued with restriction, especially when modified. With ample room in the engine bay, SPE went to work designing the best intake we could. The intake design optimizes air flow at all vehicle speeds, even at idle.

Our main inlet tube is made of genuine Forged carbon fiber manufactured in billet molds and then processed in an autoclave. All excess resin is pulled out under vacuum creating a strong lightweight part. It has a large 4.5" opening on the throttle body side terminating to a large 6" opening for the filter engineered into the best possible shape from point A to B with no weird flat clearance spots. It fills the void and uses all the space provided.

Couplers are available for factory and aftermarket throttle bodies The oiled filter is a massive 6 x 11" cone offering a huge surface area for the best possible use of the space under the hood.  The box/shield design went through many renditions during the design phase, including a closed box, a box with an open lid, and other simple shield designs. After gathering data, we took the best aspects of each and got to work. Our shield/box design helps eliminate the static air issues of a closed box which funnels from an inlet in the grill that is smaller than the throttle body itself. It also eliminates the heat issues of a surround shield by having a floor and walls to help deflect radiant heat from the engine bay. With all of these aspects taken into account, our box allows for maximum inlet flow from the front of the car while still keeping unwanted heat out!

The box is made in the same process as the inlet tube, genuine Carbon Fiber, and hand-laid in a billet mold to ensure the strongest and lightest product we can offer. The box is mounted with a Delrin isolator and adjustable billet clamp to allow for adjustments to get that perfect fit.

Features and Benefits:

  • No tuning changes required
  • 28-35 RWHP gains on a stock GT500
  • CAD designed and tested with CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
  • 6 x 11" oiled filter¬†¬†
  • Designed to¬†accommodate stock or larger aftermarket throttle bodies
  • Genuine Forged carbon fiber intake tube optimized for the best airflow possible¬†
  • Genuine Forged¬†Carbon Fiber filter box/shield¬†¬†

Kit Includes:

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber box
  • Forged Carbon fiber intake tube¬†
  • Billet mounting clamp
  • Delrin box riser/isolator
  • Reinforced silicone throttle body coupler
  • Cone filter and clamp
  • Factory connection fittings
  • Scroll clamps
  • Mounting¬†hardware
  • Coolant hose routing hardware


28-35 RWHP is expected for stock applications; however, 40+ RWHP gains can be expected with proper tuning and supporting aftermarket modifications.