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Motorsport Fab Silicone Purge Plugs- Complete Kit

Silicone Purge Plugs- Complete Kit

The Motorsport Fab Silicone Purge Plug Kit is designed by fabricators for fabricators and is used for shielding the inside of the weld with an inert gas to prevent contamination during the welding process, resulting in a stronger, smoother weld.

As a true fabrication company, Motorsport Fab has the advantage of looking at existing holes in the market & designing products that provide the fabricator with tools and products that allow them to create their best work. 

The Motorsport Fab Silicone Purge Plugs are manufactured out of high grade, high temperature silicone. This allows them to withstand the heat from a weld joint as close as 1 inch away.

Our Diffuser adapters are CFD designed to distribute the argon gas perfectly throughout the tube being welded. The purge regulator goes on the other side of the tube and allows you to regulate the flow amount through the tube being welded. This allows you to control the perfect amount of argon at all times.

MF’s Purge kit is the ultimate solution for welding stainless steel or titanium.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured from a high grade, high temperature silicone
  • Complete kit ranging in sizes from 1.5” to 6”
  • Designed by fabricators for fabricators
  • 10ft of Pure silicone purge hose
  • Billet argon diffuser head 
  • Billet purge adjustable regulator 

Kit Includes:

  • 1.5” to 1.75” plug (gray) QTY- 2
  • 1.8” to 2” plug (black) QTY- 2
  • 2.5 plug (blue) QTY- 2
  • 3” plug (red) QTY- 2
  • 4” plug (green) QTY- 2
  • 5” plug (light gray) QTY- 2
  • 6” plug (yellow) QTY- 2
  • Billet aluminum diffuser
  • Billet aluminum outlet purge regulator
  • 10ft 6mm silicone hose