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Whipple Superchargers 2020 GT500 Billet Spring Loaded Tensioner


Tired of breaking stock tensioners, running out of adjustment and suffering from belt slip? Whipple's engineering team built a all billet spring loaded tensioner that is a direct replacement of the stock unit. The billet tensioner features 6061-T6 material, black anodized finish, dual bearing for robust arm control, 18deg of increased travel over stock (50deg vs 32deg) and optional dual bearing idler pulleys for different crank pulley diameters.

Due to change in geometry, belt lengths change. For stock pulley configurations, a Gates K080680 is ideal. Pulley diameter changes will require different belts.

Note: OD balancers should use the 2.50" idler pulley vs 3.00" on stock diameter balancers.