SPE Spec 5R110




The 5R110W Torqshift transmission can be a very stable and reliable transmission if built correctly. Here are some of the improvements we make on all of our Torqshift transmissions.


Lifetime Warranty
In the Lifetime warranty transmissions SPE changes every internal piece to factory new or better. The only thing that stays is the trans case this allows us to stand behind the product and know everything is fresh from the start. It requires a 2 year refresh for the life of the transmission.


Base unit spec 850hp :

  • SPE Modified Hi volume front pump assembly
  • SPE Custom calibrated solenoid body
  • SPE Patent pending center support
  • SPE OD clutch pack containing 5 frictions and 4 Kolene steels
  • SPE intermediate clutch pack containing 5 frictions and 5 steels
  • SPE forward clutch pack containing 6 frictions and 6 Kolene steels
  • SPE direct clutch power pack containing 7 frictions and 7 Kolene steels
  • SPE Retainer support protects against case lug blow-out
  • New Torrington thrust bearings
  • New thrust washers
  • New bushings
  • Billet low/reverse hub
  • Enhanced solenoids
  • SPE shift enhancement
  • SPE Billet input shaft
  • Deep pan



SPE Comp Transmission Spec 1200hp+ :

  • Includes everything above along with these additional items:
  • SPE Patent pending center support along with custom porting
  • SPE billet intermediate
  • Billet planetary
  • SPE Comp clutches and added count
  • All clearances blue printed and documented



SPE 5R110

Center Support
The center support on a transmission is a critical component that could make the difference between a successful vs. unsuccessful transmission build.  With the Torqshift being so long, over time the torsional flexing distorts the case, causing the center support to sag and become displaced. When this occurs the center support allows the fluid feed passages to no longer line up for the forward and direct clutches. This will cause shifting issues along with premature wear and burnt clutches.

SPE’s center support corrects these issues. It’s designed for better rigidity and also fluid flow/ volume. Fluid passages flow 30% over factory.


Low/Reverse Ring Gear Hub
The factory low/reverse ring gear hub is known for shattering into pieces due to the loads carried by it. SPE replaces the factory ring gear hub with a much stronger billet piece. This custom billet piece is designed and made using 4140 HTSR (Heat Treated Stress Relieved) billet steel.


Low/Reverse One Way Clutch Snap Ring
It has been documented that the low/reverse retaining ring "pops out" of the case groove, this causes slips in reverse and in most cases will lead to catastrophic failure to the case lugs.  SPE uses a new designed retainer which completely eliminates this issue.


The “Valve Body”
The valve body technically isn't a valve body. It’s a solenoid body. You can think of the solenoid body as the brain of the transmission. In a clutch to clutch transmission the brain is more important than ever.

Our solenoids are all flow tested and matched. This isn’t even done from the factory. We set a tolerance for the solenoids to operate in. OEM solenoids must be modified to even accomplish this. You will notice an SPE transmission compared to stock just by how quickly it reacts to driver inputs, tuning etc.  Just going from park to drive there is zero delay letting the customer know that it is ready for just about anything.


5R110 Background
The Torqshift design in fact has a total of six forward gear ratios, however only five are advertised.  The "hidden gear" is only used in very cold weather. The 5 forward gear ratios on the Torqshift, starting with first, are 3.11, 2.22, 1.55, 1.00, and a final overdrive of .71. The Torqshift also utilizes an alternate 4th gear, which is 1.10, that is used under cold start conditions to aid in engine and transmission warm up.

On the Torqshift, once the tow haul mode is activated, it can help increase the driver’s control when towing large loads up and down steep grades.  It will also minimize shifts and it maximizes the available torque.  Upon descent, the tow/haul feature utilizes engine braking to help extend the life of the transmission and improve the driver control.

The Torqshift was Ford's first attempt at adaptive control. The adaptive control shift function monitors the performance over its lifetime, and adjusts the shift times in real-time to assure consistent shifts and to compensate for wear.

The Torshift was used with the 6.4 L as well. This transmission was later replaced with the 6R140 when Ford released the 6.7L Powerstroke.




SPE allows the customer to "spec" out the trans how they need it.


***SPE will only charge you exact shipping. If shipping is less than the $700, SPE will refund you accordingly. If shipping is greater than $700, SPE will contact you for the difference

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