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SPE Spec 4R100

  • $3,650.00


The 4R100W Torqshift transmission can be a very stable and reliable transmission if built correctly. Here are some of the improvements we make on all of our 4R100's.

Lifetime Warranty
In the Lifetime Warranty transmissions SPE changes every internal piece to factory new or better. The only thing that stays is the trans case this allows us to stand behind the product and know everything is fresh from the start. It requires a 2 year refresh for the life of the transmission.


Base unit spec 650hp :

  • SPE Modified Hi volume front pump assembly
  • SPE Custom calibrated valve body
  • SPE modified center support
  • SPE OD clutch pack containing 4 frictions and 4 Kolene steels
  • SPE intermediate HDX Kevlar wide band
  • SPE forward clutch pack containing 7 frictions and 7 Kolene steels
  • SPE direct clutch power pack containing 8 frictions and 8 Kolene steels
  • Center support modified with machined and ported hardware
  • New Torrington thrust bearings
  • New thrust washers
  • New bushings
  • Enhanced solenoid control pack
  • SPE shift enhancement
  • SPE Billet input shaft
  • Deep pan


SPE Comp transmission spec 1200hp+ :

Includes everything above along with these additional items:

  • SPE Patent pending center support along with custom porting
  • SPE billet intermediate
  • Billet OD planetary
  • SPE Comp clutches and added counts
  • All clearances blue printed and documented



Center Support
The center support on a transmission is a critical component that could make the difference between a successful vs. unsuccessful transmission build.  With the Torqshift being so long, over time the torsional flexing distorts the case, causing the center support to sag and become displaced. When this occurs the center support allows the fluid feed passages to no longer line up for the forward and direct clutches. This will cause shifting issues along with premature wear and burnt clutches.

SPE’s center support corrects these issues. It’s designed for better rigidity and also fluid flow/ volume. Fluid passages flow 30% over factory.


The “Valve Body”
You can think of the valve body as the brain of the transmission. All of the Valve bores are precision honed to accept new valves and hardware. SPE increases line pressure where its needed in the 4r's. The control and timing is also recalibrate. Your trans will have never felt so good.  Just going from park to drive there is zero delay letting the customer know that it is ready for just about anything.


Front Pump
SPE's pump increases volume over factory, and decreases internal pump leakage by almost 90%. All pumps are surfaced and built in house.




SPE allows the customer to "spec" out the trans how they need it.


***SPE will only charge you exact shipping. If shipping is less than the $700, SPE will refund you accordingly. If shipping is greater than $700, SPE will contact you for the difference

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