SPE FICM X (4 & 7 POST) 6.0L- NEW



This is not a rebuild. We change the whole power supply board to our own design. The SPE FICM X is the only one on the market that has our smart circuit technology it increases the voltage and modulates amperage to the injectors when needed most. This extends the life of the electrical components. The board also adds consistency and accuracy in the injection process that no other FICM design offers.

We also reflash the logic side to operate in conjunction with our power supply. We have seen hp and torque gains with our FICMs and improved start up. There is no need to buy FICMs with billet cases and pay extra money. It's whats on the inside that counts.

We are so confident in our FICMs we offer a 2 year warranty on the FICM X power supply.        



  • SPE will send you a prepaid shipping label.
  • Print label, securing package FICM & ship.
  • SPE will build a new unit and program it within 2-3 business days from receiving.    
  • SPE will ship back and you enjoy a solid running truck.

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