EZ Lynk Tuning Support Pack- Single or Shift-On-The-Fly Options- NO DEVICE




Tuning Support Pack
Our best-selling tuning option for fleets & shop owners.

It’s no longer necessary to have a separate tuning device for each vehicle. Our tuning support packs deliver the same great tuning for a fraction of the price.


  • Increase horsepower & torque with NO major modifications— you’ll go from mild to wild with the turn of a knob
  • Same tuning, no additional device cost— This leaves you more money for more mods down the road.
  • Great for fleets & shop owners looking for a single shift-on-the-fly (SOTF) tune for their customers
  • Available in 2 week & lifetime link options— save money by only creating a temporary link.
  • Quick turnaround time— that means less downtime for your workhorse

Two linking options available:

  • Two-week link— The solution for truck owners who want a single 1x flash on their truck. The flash remains in the truck until it has been reflashed (no charge to return the file to stock). A two-week link DOES NOT mean that the truck no longer has a tune in it after two weeks (see more here).
  • Lifetime link— This is the solution for truck owners that plan to do more to their vehicle in the near future, someone who plans to buy a dedicated EZ Lynk for their vehicle OR who already has an EZ Lynk in another one of their vehicles and wants the capability of flashing at their leisure.

Choose from our handpicked selection single flash tunes (best suited for dedicated to towing & work trucks) or our most popular option, shift-on-the-fly (SOTF). Our ever-popular SOTF option allows the end-user to adjust the power with the turn of a knob, thus adding up to an additional 200+ horsepower in just a moment’s time.



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Category: easy, ez lynk, link, shift-on-the-fly, SOTF, tuning

Type: SPE Tunes

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