6.7L Powerstroke EGR Test Kit

Snyder Performance Engineering


6.7L Powerstroke EGR Test Kit
100% American designed and made bypass testing kit.


  • 100% made in America with American sourced stainless steel CNC test platesyou’re supporting the American working man
  • Welded and assembled in-house — Increased quality control means you get the right parts & right fit the first time.
  • Pre-drilled & tapped to utilized the factory EGT probe— no buying additional parts!
  • Easy install— spend less time under the hood & more time in the driver’s seat.
  • Includes silicone coolant caps— no dry rotting or cracking
  • Unique plate design— you’re kit will stand out from the rest of kits on the market giving you that unique look
  • Increases engine efficiency & reliability— eliminate worry before it even happens
  • Increase space under the hood— remove unnecessary equipment freeing up space creating a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Complete “test kit”— great for “testing”
  • Available in 2 finishes — save a buck on raw finish or go for our signature blue powder coated finish

Our unique CNC’d plate design is like no other on the market. This test kit frees up engine compartment space as well by removing inefficient and unreliable components that starve the truck from power potential. This is a complete install kit to remove the entire problematic factory components  Purchasing our manufactured, designed, and sourced American made steel and components will make you feel like a badass American!


*** This test kit REQUIRES aftermarket tuning to disable the factory system- more info here***


Collections: All, Engines

Type: Engine Components

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